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Sellers are seeing the highest multiples ever and there’s an unprecedented amount of capital that must be deployed. That’s why you should talk to Triton! Being a Merger & Acquisition Company for years that confidentially casts the widest net in the industry to uncover the hidden opportunities that others will miss. We utilize our proprietary database of strategic companies and private equity groups that quickly identifies the greatest number of buyers. Please refer to our merger/acquisition section or call our office to discuss options.

About Us
If you are in the market for machinery or equipment and you want to save time and money then you are our potential client!

When Triton Equipment & Services first began we evaluated the common practices within the purchasing process, this was defining how Triton viewed the endless possibilities for companies in the oil and gas industry. Triton now sets the tone and direction today. These words inspire a new generation of purchasing for the oil & gas industry:

Our goal is simple innovative thinking whether the call is to develop exact products at a greater discount or create business opportunities to help our customers save time and money. If you have certain items that are causing you a headache or a pocket ache, we can help. This is what sets Triton apart from the competition. Triton surrounds themselves with companies that are ever evolving and growing. Triton offers their services worldwide and as a global marketer of oil & gas machinery and equipment our goal is to be unrivaled in the industry today.

Our world headquarters is located in Willis, Texas a suburb located just north of Houston, Texas. While Texas is the birthplace to oil, today we operate in countries around the globe. Through our suppliers, manufacturers and our service providers, we directly or indirectly can send our products anywhere and offer Savings to our customers!

What makes us different?
• Innovative timelines. No funny stuff.
• 2 Partners with expertise in research, marketing and closing each deal themselves.
• A custom marketing program that showcases a company’s unique value and competitive advantages.

Find out more from our experts. Contact Scott Jovien, Managing Director or Mark Ochs, Managing Director at 888.964.5744.

Non-profit turns shipping containers into homes for veterans

An old shipping container might look not look like much to most people. But when Mark Cook looks inside a shipping container, he envisions a bed, a shower, a bathroom – a place for a veteran in need to call home.

Cook’s non-profit, Green Zone Housing, converts shipping containers into homes for homeless and distressed veterans.

We caught up with Cook to learn more about Green Zone Housing’s plans for the future.