Air Tuggers

Triton provides a wide variety of air tuggers ranging from 1,000 lb. to 20,000 lb. lifting capacity. Specific jobs that the Air Winch is capable of handling include construction, mining, offshore oil, heavy industrial, refineries, utilities, shipbuilding, and your petrochemical needs.

When you evaluate the weight and size of the Air Wench needed, its colossal lifting capabilities are unbelievable in comparison. For being a fairly simple machine, its rugged appeal and reliability is what makes it so unique and able to perform its tasks easily. Another important aspect that lends itself adequately to the reliability aspect of the Air Tugger is the dependability of the motor. Air- run motors do not burn out, even if they are stalled all day! Stalling causes no damage, and uses no air when the Air Winch is stalled. This function would be highly appealing for a tensioning application job, such as holding a barge in place.

Air Tuggers have extraordinary load "spotting" abilities, and have a speed control system that is able to manage speeds that vary from a slow creep to a full speed. The spotting ability is an excellent tool that aids the operator in accuracy. The speed control feature is ideal for pulling and positioning jobs because it gives the operator effortless yet full control of the machine and the job the operator wants the Air Winch to execute. A relatable circumstance the Air Tugger is able to perform well under is variations in the weather. Heavy-duty jobs exist under a wide variety of weather conditions, which may vary from being wet, cold, hot, dry, dusty or dirty. Some conditions of jobs requiring the use of an Air Tugger run a high risk of explosions because of the presence of one to several explosive composites. The Air Tugger is extremely appropriate for these risky types of situations because it poses no electrical shock danger. Also, there are no high-pressure hydraulic lines that run the risk of leaking, and there are no requirements for special enclosures where accidents may happen. The Air Winch is a relatively low risk machine.

Air Tuggers have an unlimited duty cycle. Because of this attribute, operators know that their machine works as hard as they do and will not burn out on them. They can run all day. You can easily reeve the Air Tugger for increased capacity to complete those bigger and tougher jobs. Its versatility proves itself to fit your each and every industrious need.

Lastly, for those businesses that do not have the time to tend to high maintenance machines, Air Tuggers require very low maintenance. Air Winches are very easy to service, maintain and repair, allowing your business to put the majority of its time, money and attention to jobs. It is a hassle- free machine. Air Tuggers give businesses reasonable solutions to their toughest lifting, pulling, and tensioning jobs. Use responsibility in choosing the appropriate Air Winch for your job.